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I have a few published coloring books on the market! I am so stoked about these and I hope you will be too! You can now find these awesome books at all kinds of places!



Rewired Adult Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book for Emotional Awareness, Healthy Living & Recovery – This book was really a different experience and so fun for me to to. Rewired is a new adult coloring book specifically designed to aid in addiction recovery. I truly love this book and I know it will help people of all ages and backgrounds!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or maybe your local bookstore!





You Can Save the Earth Adult Coloring Book – I absolutely love this planet! The Earth is so freaking awesome and I love to help keep it that way. This book is a great way to think and reflect on this amazing world and our part in it 🙂

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or maybe your local bookstore!




dinocircusDinosaur Circus –  The Most Prehistoric Show on Earth!

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or maybe your local bookstore!

This fun book is for anyone who has ever loved dinosaurs. Personally, I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs and I wanted to make them as enjoyable for everyone as they are to me. The idea for this book all started with some doodles on a dry erase board. For a few months, every time I would visit my husband at work I would add a circus dinosaur to his board and it eventually took up too much room.

I snapped some pictures for Instagram (of course!) and I got the response “You should do a coloring book!” and it all got out of hand from there…



Mysterious Creatures – A Cryptid Field Reference Guide & Coloring Book

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or maybe your local bookstore!

I. Love. Animals. I really do. As a child I read the animal encylopedia and odds are, if I see an animal, I can name it. So, imagine an animal-crazy child learning there are animals that dozens (or sometimes hundreds!) of people have seen, but no one can prove that it exists. I was sold. These awesome animals are known as cryptids and they are like a kick start to the imagination. I wrote and illustrated this book like a real field guide with “facts”, drawings, histories, and more. I am so excited to share something I worked so hard on and took as seriously as possible 😉


f6e8b2ef-a763-433a-aef6-ae48548f40e5_1.1309bf7cf2b5acebebf44a2910701001 My Day with the Dalai Lama: A Coloring Book for Children & Adults – This awesome book was a collaboration between my brother (Travis Hellstrom) and I! It was such a fun project and I really enjoy this book. It’s a great way for kids and adults to get to know a little about the Dalai Lama and Buddhism in a fun and relaxed way.

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